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We race at the Knox Radio Controlled Off Road Car Club on the first and third Sunday of the month. We race the following classes -
-Junior 2wd 17.5t blinky esc
-2wd Buggy 21.5t blinky esc, minimum FDR of 6.0, Stock (17.5t brushless, blinky esc) and Modified
-4wd Buggy Stock (17.5t brushless, blinky esc) and Modified
-Stadium Truck Modified
-2wd Short Course Truck Stock (down to 10.5t brushless, blinky esc)

A standard club day consists of nominating to race from around 9:00am and first qualifying race starting around 10:00am. Standard format is three qualifying races to sort out your grid position for the first race. Once you have qualified you normally run three final races. All races are five minutes, but we can occassionally mix it up a bit to keep it interesting! Expect to be at the track most of the day if you choose to race all the six rounds, depending on attendance, this could be a 3ish finish time or out to 5:00pm...
We run the track in a clockwise direction.

If it is your first race, the race fee is free, otherwise $6 will get you a whole day of racing, see contact page for membership details or see us on race day.
We use the AMBrc4 decoding system, every lap timed to the 1,000th of a second and we try get the results posted up on the Results page that night or as soon as we can! We have Club Transponders that you fit to your car before the race commences so that you can utilize the above system. These are then removed for the next user after your race. Personal Transponders are very popular (very from $80 to $130ea) and save you the hassle of fitment and removal for every round.

Some driver out to others on the drivers stand if your car has rolled over and could cause a problem for them eg "over on the back straight". Whilst racing, hold your line to avoid being overtaken IF the driver behind you is on the same lap, BUT move over/yield if you are being lapped and try and avoid racing them once they have passed, they are a lap in front! If you cause an accident whilst racing, wait for the effected drivers to be marshalled and resume your position. If you accidently shortcut the track, wait and resume your position. Marshall other's cars like you would like to be marshalled. No eating, drinking or talking on mobile whilst marshalling!